Oral Design - The Smile Artist Approach

Dr. Heimke, Oral Design- Cleveland, is renowned for the “Life” changing results from a FAD Smile Makeover. Dr. Heimke can improve the lower third of the face, where wrinkles pop up around the upper lip area, through manipulation of tooth width and size – while still keeping a natural looking appearance by using the Face as the starting point, FAD, Facial Aesthetic Design/Oral Design. In addition, Dr. Heimke can incorporate Facial Aesthetic Injectables, such as Botox to further improve the Face by reducing wrinkles.

Dr. Heimke’s, Smile Makeover Process helps achieve a more youthful, vigorous appearance by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, plumping up lips, and perfecting smiles to make patients look more vigorous, younger, safely and efficiently. To do so, Dr. Heimke enhances the teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry and thin porcelain veneers custom designed by Oral Design Master Ceramists, Peter Kouvaris MDT, Manhattan, New York and Pinhas Adar MDT, Marietta, Atlanta,Georgia whom he teams with to create Porcelain Veneers and Zirconia Implant Hybrid Prettau Bridges, All on 4,5 which result in the right choice: stunning natural “Look”

  • Immediate Gratification – The FAD Smile Makeover, transformation can be completed in just one day.
  • Zero Recovery – Leave the office that day with your New Smile.
  • Non-Invasive – The Teeth and resulting Smile, Controls the “Look” of the Face.
  • How do they do it ? With Facial Aesthetic Designing(FAD)/ Oral Design, Digital Smile Design(DSD) and “Pop-In” Smile, to Test Drive the New White Smile.
  • Methods:
  • Veneer (Tooth) Enlargement – Laugh lines are decreased when the upper portion of a normally paper thin veneer is thickened. Dr. Heimke builds-out the veneer and as a result, the facial area above the veneer is pushed out, thereby smoothing upper lip wrinkles while causing lips to appear more full and pouty.
  • Veneer (Tooth) Elongation – Shorter teeth signify aging, so veneers are made longer creating the appearance of younger, longer teeth. The mouth appears fuller with longer teeth as they actually push out the lower lip, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Veneer Shading – Stained teeth age people considerably. Placing a natural-looking, whiter veneer over discolored teeth brightens the face & creates a more youthful , healthy appearance.