Teeth Whitening in Rocky River, OH

The Details about Teeth/Smile Whitening in our office.

Whitening is one of the simplest procedures to help you smile with more confidence. Whitening Trays and gels, Lights , lasers, whitening strips, and tooth pastes all can increase whiteness of a smile a few shades. All teeth bleaching or whitening will reverse over time as one eats or drinks anything that has color and will have to be touched up periodically. We do not recommend whitening unhealthy teeth. What good would it be to whiten decayed teeth or teeth that are going to fall out? If you are looking for a permanent natural white teeth, consider porcelain veneers. They allow control of shade color, you choose from white to Ultra white and its permanent change that doesn’t go back, stays white. plus Dr Heimke can correct shape and overall look. If you desire that contact us at 888-255-3588 for a Free Smile Consult and DSD digital Smile Design 2D simulation.


  1. We custom mold upper and lower models of your teeth.
  2. You get custom trays and professional grade whitening gel.

We recommend you come in every 6 months for cleanings to keep your teeth healthy and you can get refills for maintenance.