Cosmetic Dentures in Rocky River, OH

Dentures that are stunning and beautiful are the right choice in Life today if you have no teeth. However, they don’t have to look like Grandma’s or Grandpa’s with that denture look. Dr. Heimke, a Cleveland denture dentist designs and creates a High-End Denture he calls a Cosmetic/Aesthetic Denture. Whereby he uses all the principles of Facial Aesthetic Design on Smile Makeover and Porcelain Veneer cases and incorporates them in Dentures. The results are amazing and clients just love them. Dr. Heimke can also, attach the dentures to Dental Implants in a variety of ways and cost levels depending on the goal, one is trying to achieve.

All on 4,5 and Full Arch Implant methods attach Dentures to Dental Implants often in the Same Day, on which a Prettau monolithic zirconia Hybrid Implant Bridge is secured on the implants, are available at our practice. Visit our dedicated Dental Implant website Dental Implants Rocky River

Immediate Dentures in Cleveland, where teeth are removed and the Denture often is placed the same day is available at our Rocky River and Sandusky dental offices.

1 in 5 Americans have need for a Denture because they are missing teeth in one or both Jaws. No longer are patients obligated to have that Denture look, because of the Cosmetic Denture that Dr. Heimke provides. If you are seeking Dentures in Cleveland, Ohio call Dr. Heimke today at 888-255-3588 or contact us via our contact page here on our website.