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October 2019, Zurich, Switzerland Dr Heimke was humbled and honored by Oral Design founder Willi Geller’s personal invitation to join the Oral Design family.

For over 37 years Willi Geller, the “Master “of Oral Design, has observed and listened to professionals practicing dental aesthetics. When Oral Design was founded, in 1982, it started a journey to keep moving the frontiers of dental aesthetics. To increase the cooperation and communication between master dental technicians and dentists and to improve patients’ oral health and self image.

Over the years Oral Design members together with the dental industry have refined the techniques and methods, to create and evaluate new materials and skill sets to be able to create the most life-like restorations possible.

The world of Oral Design has its node in Zurich Switzerland, where Mr Willi Geller still holds residence, and where all paths cross. Around the globe, you will find master dental technicians/ceramists and dentists who all live their profession, the Oral Design way. Regardless of gender, race, religion and political orientation they are all part of sharing, giving and understanding which distinguishes Oral Design. Through passion, friendship, respect, inspiration, understanding, professionalism and sharing, a new generation of professionals is formed. A group that has evolved over the past 37 years. That will continue to grow and which constitutes a fellowship which, without a doubt will be the future reference when it comes to inspiring and passing on the know-how in the world of dental artistry. To become a member of Oral Design requires the skills of a craftsman and touch of an artist. Each member equally needs to acknowledge and perform a certain attitude towards the profession and all the dimensions of it.

Today nearly 135 hand-picked individuals (129 Master Dental Technicians/Ceramists and only 6 Dentists) from all over the globe, constitute the phenomenon Oral Design. They are highly skilled and experienced men and women who have devoted their lives to improving dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

In a virtual community parallell to their daily work they share a mutual interest and values. Along with the daily life many members are wanted for lectures, seminars and workshops on various topics connected to dental aesthetics and dentistry. All over the globe the Oral Design foundation share the skills and experience to help other people not only look but to feel better.

Oral Designing – Our Daily Challenges

“Do you just want ME to Do It! …..or do you want me to involve you every step of the way???

Ideal example smile case, Spectacular patient. I had designed, and crafted extra special  prototypes (temporaries), and I really wanted to “nail it”. She liked the temporaries, however,  she still wanted to make small little changes. One tooth was pushed back, she wanted it  moved forward, to align the adjacent teeth. One side was a little shorter, and she wanted them  longer and rotated, and she wanted a little darker shade. I did all those modifications, and  followed her instructions to a “T” “However, she now hates the temps, that She basically designed, Why? because the teeth now look unnatural (artificial), and are not in natural harmony with the face.”

“That is the PROBLEM, in that, It’s just hard to say to the patient… NOW just Trust Me and let  me just do it correctly. It’s not just Trust Me, I’m really just trying to listen what they are saying  from the beginning (consult) and give an appropriate smile customized for them in the End. By  the patient directing the smile design, a natural “Tension” develops in the stages of choosing modifications, because they think? What if I make the wrong design choice?? “

“When I, Dr. Heimke, seek out custom designers in my personal Life. I don’t pick my own stuff typically anymore, I let them pick stuff for me, and then I just say OK, because I am trusting  them as THE Experts in that professional space. That’s why I choose and sought them out in  the first place. Yes, sure, there are things that I don’t love 100%, but nothing is 100% in Life  and, I could have found something to object about.., but in the end that’s a just waste of my time, at least in my Life.”

Custom Designers: Home, Architect, Landscaper, Interior, Fashion, Artist, Tattoo, Plastic  Surgeon, Aesthetic Dentist etc. or someone in that professional space. They are someone  creating something directly for someone else. They are trying always to capture that essence  of whatever that person’s lifestyle is. It’s not just about picking out an object, chair, paint or a  dress. They want to know about the person. I find that unique and fascinating. How You live  your Life? What’s interesting in your life, What inspires you? All those things are built into the  design process. Dr. Heimke, “When I meet someone (client), I spend time with them. Through  years of training, expertise and experience I really work hard to understand what the new smile  can do. How it can alter perception in life, and in human to human interactions with that  person. Our Oral Design Team knows the Beauty of asymmetries, light reflectivity, shade  dynamics, creating natural harmony and of how it’s perceived and creates personality. When  I’m in the design mode for the patient, I can be excellent at visualizing and seeing how  someone can look. Now I physically am not the one making the ceramic/porcelain veneers,  that’s the area of the Master Ceramist | Lab Technician creating the teeth in the laboratory,  based on my custom prototypes (temporaries). In essence, It’s a True Oral Design Teaming of  Master Dentist and Ceramist.

Oral Design “Master” of Master ceramists Mr Willi Geller and Dr Heimke at Oral Design, Zurich, Switzeland.
Oral Design “Master” of Master ceramists Mr Willi Geller and Dr Heimke at Oral Design, Zurich, Switzeland.
Mr Willi Geller, Dr John Heimke, and Birgit Oral Design Zurich, Switzerland
Mr Willi Geller, Dr John Heimke, and Birgit Oral Design Zurich, Switzerland
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Oral Design members