Digital Smile Design


Dr. John Heimke known in the Cleveland area for use of Facial Aesthetics in Designing Smiles for clients with natural teeth Porcelain via Veneers,Crowns, Bridges or on Dental Implants, or Cosmetic Dentures has brought Digital Smile Designing (DSD) to his clients New Smiles. Utilizing a powerful Digital Smile Design software and an IPAD/MAC Dr. Heimke can custom design a Smile in Real time for his clients and communicate this Smile Design directly with his dental laboratory and Ceramist. Digital Smile Design is a highly customized Smile Design process geared specifically to You.

DSD – Digital Smile Design will offer you
• Aesthetic Diagnosis
• Communication
• Feedback
• Most importantly include your wishes and desires

One of dentistry’s most challenging dilemmas, relates to whether or not a Dentist will be able to closely meet you, the patient’s, Treatment goals an d expectations.

This is what DSD is thriving to achieve; – an improved communication between you as a patient, and Dr Heimke. DSD uses a uniquely designed computer program for your treatment plan. Besides that with the DSD program we can digitally analyze any of your cosmetic concerns without any other issues being overlooked. Thus, any problems that have not been noticed prior to DSD evaluation will be able to be discussed an d treated.

Additionally, this Design process will allow you to visualize a possible final result on the screen before any treatment has been done and give you an understanding as to what your treatment would include.

Thereby, you can communicate any ideas and wishes you have prior your treatment. Being able to see the final result from a modified photo of your smile and compare it to what it looks like prior the treatment, does not only improve the communication between you an d Dr. Heimke but also saves you costs and most importantly time.

The Aging Smile is a challenge Healthcare and Dentistry are dealing with on a daily basis. The Advent of digital technologies has permitted dentists to create Smiles with wonderful Aesthetics, Strength and Longevity. In areas such as ceramics, Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, and Dental implants. The Prettau Screwed-On Implant Bridge provides the client with a Smile the same day implants are placed and ultimately a strong beautiful Smile that is resistant to chipping and breakage.

Digital Smile Designing allows the client and Dr. Heimke to fine tune a smile on individual teeth with over 260 smile combinations all in real time. According to Dr. Heimke “ I am able to take the Design concepts I have in my brain and translate them to a digital model for the client, the lab an d myself immediately and create length, shape and contours we can visualize. Leading to an even more Natural result.