Meet Dr. John Heimke


The Facial Aesthetic Designers™, Dr. John Heimke has been a prominent and respected General Dentist in Northeast Ohio and Nationally, providing High-End Cosmetic / Implant Dentistry in the Cleveland area as well as routine Dental treatment for over 25 years. Voted by Peers as one Cleveland´s Top Cosmetic Dentists in 2008-2014 as seen in Cleveland Magazine.

One of the most popular procedures is the FAD Smile Makeover using Porcelain Veneers to enhance the face via Facial Aesthetics . Improving the “Aging Smile”, Crooked teeth, Discoloration, Worn Teeth or Spaced Teeth; these issues can be remedied in as little as a few hours to a few days without any down time.

Dr. Heimke uses a customized design process called, Facial Aesthetic Design (FAD) to determine what type of teeth will best fit an individual, taking into consideration many factors including face imbalances an d symmetry, hair/skin color, shape an d length of their face/nose & their overall body type & even their personality.

First time clients arrive at the beautiful Studios of The Facial Aesthetic Designers™ in the quaint Village of Rocky River, or in Sandusky, the Scenic Lake Resort of Western Lake Erie to meet for a Consultation with Dr. Heimke. Dr. Heimke will then assess your overall goals, financial budgeting & discuss what treatment options are best suited for your particular needs. Dr. Heimke is a licensed General Dentist in Ohio and New York.

Dr. Heimke is proactive to learn about our Clients so they can make the most comfortable environment for them. We have developed a truly unique concept that we borrowed from the hotel industry, “The FAD Guest Concierge”. Our Guest Concierge is the client´s liaison in the practice a nd cornerstone of our customer service system. They have a patient comfort list that provides for beverages, foods, transportation, hotel accommodations–all individualized to the patient´s particular needs. We have two Practice locations in North East Ohio: Clevela nd & Sa ndusky. The physical plant in the Cleveland Location, in the suburb of Rocky River, is a wonderful retreat with the tranquility of a beautiful cherry-wood themed lounge a nd natural serenity of the Lake Erie a nd the Rocky River Reservation. Possibly this is the first Dental Office Floor-Plan designed in Cleveland to create a harmonious environment which is supportive a nd comfortable. The entrance Reception, including the administrative area, has a strong tranquil energy, which is balanced by the bright, high-tech, “Energy” of the treatment areas & dental laboratory. The Sa ndusky location is situated in the Leisure center of Northern Ohio a nd located near Lake Erie & is the Gateway to the Lake Erie Islan ds & contains many similar features. Total Quality Client Service is our mantra a nd is continued even after major Smile Rejuvenation & on to post operative care including their recall exam appointments a nd cleanings.